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Sea Scallop with Chorizo and Preserved Lemon

Dice the Chorizo in small cubes and gently sauté until lightly crispAdd the preserved lemon rind to the pan and remove from heat Add chopped dill and stir lightlySear the sea scallops on both sidesPlace the Chorizo mixture on serving spoon or plate Add the seared sea scallops to the top of the mixtureGarnish with…

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3 Things Not To Forget On Holiday

We have had our fair share of visitors here at Kim’s, and most certainly all of them have forgotten at least one thing at home. No matter how many lists or how many times you check your bag, you will always forget that one thing you told yourself not to forget! Luckily, we have created…

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Romantic Celebrations

Celebrate something special at Kims… Do you have a special anniversary coming up? Your partners birthday? Ready to pop the special question? We have just the answer to make whatever the occasion, extra special. Create your own romantic weekend and have a sleep over at our beautiful Kims Beachside Retreat. Relax and laze away in…

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