Sea Scallop with Chorizo and Preserved Lemon

  1. Dice the Chorizo in small cubes and gently sauté until lightly crisp
  2. Add the preserved lemon rind to the pan and remove from heat
  3. Add chopped dill and stir lightly
  4. Sear the sea scallops on both sides
  5. Place the Chorizo mixture on serving spoon or plate
  6. Add the seared sea scallops to the top of the mixture
  7. Garnish with piece of dill

This can be served in a Asian soup spoon on in larger quantity on a plate or platter.

Preserved Lemon


  • Approximately 10 thick-skinned lemon (to fill a one litre jar), scrubbed
  • 250g coarse salt
  • 4 bay leaves, torn in to pieces
  • 10 cloves
  • 2 sticks cinnamon
  • 4 extra lemons, juiced


Have jars prepared by washing thoroughly. Best to use straight from the dishwasher while still hot.

Cut lemons into quarters almost all the way through leaving the bottom attached.

Squeeze some lemon juice over the bowl of lemons to soften flesh, then sprinkle some salt in the middle of the lemon. Also place a bay leaf and some salt in the jar. Place the lemon in jar and pour the juice over the lemon. Add a clove and cinnamon stick to the jar.  Push the lemons down and then add extra lemon juice to fill. Add another large tablespoon of salt over the top. Leave in a warm place in the kitchen for approximately 2 weeks, then transfer to the refrigerator and leave for 4 weeks before using.